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  1. Jon Atkinson Stamps

    Jon Atkinson Stamps

    Jon's stamps are comfortable in the hand, optimum weight and set up perfectly for their intended function. Made from hot work, shock resistant H13 tool steel with either a welded handle or a 13" hickory wood handle.


  2. Steven Beane Stamps

    Steven Beane Stamps

    Handmade and used by 5 time world champion and said to be as hard as a beavers tooth. What more can we say.

    The stamps are all hand forged and made by Steven from S7 grade tool steel. Perfectly set up, fitted with a comfortable non-slip grip and are ready to use. Each type of welded handle stamp has a different colour wrap, for easy recognition. There are strategically placed holes in the handle to reduce concussion.

  3. Andrea Ridolfo Stamps

    Andrea Ridolfo Stamps

  4. Ryan Macdonald Stamps

    Ryan Macdonald Stamps

  5. J&A Ferrie Stamps

    J&A Ferrie Stamps

  6. Austin Eden Stamps

    Austin Eden Stamps

  7. Kingery Stamps

    Kingery Stamps

    E head & concave stamps made to tight tolerences

  8. Flatland Forge Stamps

    Flatland Forge Stamps

    The Flatland Forge E Head Fore Punch works as a plain stamp punch or a drift for fullered shoes. The punching end of the tool is hardened for maximum wear.

  9. Viking Stamps

    Viking Stamps

    The outstanding design and manufacturing of this stamp can be appreciated by any Farrier as craftsman you deserve nothing but the best.

  10. Mustad Stamps

    Mustad Stamps

    Popular value for money tools.

  11. Jim Blurton Stamps

    Jim Blurton Stamps

    All tools made from S1 tool steel with either 15" Hickory handles or the ergonomically designed welded on steel handle.

  12. Derek Gardner Stamps

    Derek Gardner Stamps

    Each tool is inspected and finished by Derek in person which ensures each tool is ready for immediate use. The stamps and pritchels are set up ‘ready to go’ and are thought to be among the best in the world.