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Hoof Repair

  1. HMS Hoof Repair

    HMS Hoof Repair

    Hoofcare Hoof Repair 

    • quick setting urethane available in black or white 
    • suitable for hoof wall repairs, hoof wall extensions, bonding on 
    • sets firm and strong but not too brittle.
    • generous 200ml cartridge with easy nozzle attachment

    Easy to use robust dispenser gun available free with every 12 cartridges ( mix & match with any hoofcare cartridge ) 

  2. Equicast Products

    Equicast Products

    For use with Equi-Cast for the treatment of laminitis/founder. Can be used with the horse in a standing position, useful technique for horses that cannot bear weight on one foot.

  3. Imprint Hoof Care

    Imprint Hoof Care

    Structural adhesive to be used with Imprint shoes. 50ml cartridge.

  4. MV Products

    MV Products

    This sample board shows the different pad materials set in hoof shapes allowing thefarrier to decide which level of support is required.

  5. Hoof Crack Repair

    Hoof Crack Repair

    Steel staples designed to go across hoof cracks to help prevent them from spreading anyfurther.

  6. Jameg Products

    Jameg Products

  7. Equilox Products

    Equilox Products

  8. Equithane/Vettec Products

    Equithane/Vettec Products