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DVD's and CD's

  1. Peter Parkinson
    The Artist Blacksmith (DVD)

    Artist Blacksmith explains the fundamental technique of working with hot iron and steelsuggesting how these techniques can be used creatively in designs.

    Here available in DVD form also available as a book.

  2. Mark Milster
    Hoof Watch DVD - Concave Heartbars

    Mark builds Heart Bars out of Concave steel like you have never seen. He forges the frog plates into half arrowheads and turns them into a perfect heart bar. From start to finish Mark Milster captures your attention with skill and precision. He puts all of his World Champion skills into showing you how to build quality shoes.

  3. Mark Milster
    Hoof Watch DVD - Bar Shoe Trio Vol II

    In this volume Mark walks you through a step-by-step process for building three different bar shoes.

  4. Frank Ringle
    Knife Sharpening (DVD)

    Knife Sharpening practical from Frank Ringle

  5. Ferrie Heavy Horseshoeing (DVD)

    This is a detailed and thorough dissection of the shoemaking and shoeing techniques used to form and apply draught shoes for multi disciplines. Included are essential techniques for welding the toe bar, Clydesdale heels, shoeing the horse for showing and much more.

  6. Jean-Marie Denoix
    Functional Anatomy/Tendons/Horse (Video)

    Functional Anatomy of the Tendons of the Horse

  7. Handmade Shoes
    The Beauty of Concave

    The Beauty of Concave Instructional DVD

  8. Chain Links (DVD)

    Historical Documentary

  9. Chris Gregory
    Hoof Watch DVD - Shoeing Practical

    Shoeing Practical 

  10. Scott Davidson
    The Bar Shoe (DVD)

    A lesson in how to produce bar shoes with Scott Davidson.