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Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula is a highly digestible, nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to assist the growth and quality of the horses' hoof.

It has been formulated and tested by the Dept. of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liege. It is one of the most concentrated supplements on the market with high levels on biotin (500mg/kg) and vitamin A (975,000IU/kg).

This sulphur enriched formula contains 37% crude proteins that are particularly rich in essential amino acids, with high levels of methionine (42gm/kg) and cystine (42gm/kg).

The Hoof Formula is suitable for horses at all levels of training, including equine athletes on a high grain diet. Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula contains high levels of calcium(117gm/kg), optimum levels of magnesium, potassium and phosphorous and trace elements copper, zinc, cobalt and iodine.

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    Kevin Bacon's
    Hoof Formula (5kg)
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