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Heller Rasps

  1. Mustad
    Heller Big Hoof Rasp

    The Heller Big Hoof is an extra long fine toothed rasp.

  2. Heller
    eXceL Legend Rasp

    eXceL LEGEND Rasps

  3. Heller
    Pro - Finish Rasp

    Heller Pro-Finish the Champions Choice!

  4. Mustad
    Heller Red Tang

    The Heller ‘Red Tang’ rasp is a finely toothed rasp that removes material easily.

  5. Mustad
    Nicholson Majicut Rasp

    The Nicholson Majicut Rasp leaves the hoof with the smoothest finish of all - a glass-like appearance.

  6. Heller
    Gr8at Rasp

    GR8AT Legend Rasp

  7. Heller
    Legend Black Rasp

    The Heller Black Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, similar to the Heller Legend.

  8. Heller
    Legend Rasp

    The Heller Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, resulting in a more open structure in the rasp.

  9. Heller
    Excel Original Rasps

    Heller Excel Original Rasps (Box 5)