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Glue/Bond-On Shoes

  1. Ibex Baby Cuff

    Ibex Baby Cuff

    The Ibex Baby Cuff allows lateral, medial, toe or heel extension.

    N.B.The cuffs do not come supplied with glue.

    Sold in pairs.

  2. GLU SHU


    A light durable shoe with a 6-10 week shoeing cycle which allows the horse to be worked whilst the hoof heals.

    The Glushu has a forged aluminium horseshoe inside with a hardened steel bar at the break over. This allows the Glushu to be shaped to the horses hoof as with any other metal shoe.

    During use, when the rubber wears through on the base of the Glushu the aluminum gives a non slip grip to hard surfaces. Glushu will stay on in wet and boggy conditions

  3. Jameg


    Hoof repair and bonding adhesive range.

  4. Equilox


    Hoof repair and bonding adhesive range.

  5. Equithane/Vettec


    Hoof Repair and glue-on shoe and bonding adhesives.