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  1. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver crooked Nail necklace

    Crooked Nail Necklace

  2. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Anvil necklace

    Silver Anvil necklace

  3. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver nail cross necklace

    Silver nail cross necklace

  4. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Roadster Necklace

    A fullered caulkin and wedge hind carriage horse shoe necklace. A hard choice between gold or silver.

  5. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Plain Stamped Roadster Necklace

    This simple, pretty shoe is traditionally used on driving and riding cobs, accurately miniaturised into a beautiful necklace.

  6. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Nail Heart Necklace

    A simple horseshoe nail made into a beautiful, elegant and romantic statement.

    Also available in gold.

  7. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Heart Bar Necklace

    The name of this traditional bar shoe says it all - the ultimate romantic symbol!Available in gold and silver.

  8. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Draught Shoe Necklace

    A traditional Clydesdale shoe necklace, beautiful and accurate, complete with Scottish heels.

  9. Anvil Jewellery
    Silver Double Bar Shoe Necklace

    Two silver bar shoes interlocked - a unique, stunning and modern design.