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St Croix Aluminium Shoes

  1. Concorde Alli XTRA

    Concorde Alli XTRA

    The Concorde Xtra is based on the very successful St Croix Concorde range. We have added several specific features to make this shoe something Xtra:

    Features of the Concorde Xtra:

    Xtra Web Width : the wider section provides additional support and wear.
    Xtra Heel Support : Wide heels to enhance the support and cover the heel section.
    Xtra Traction : Provided by the inside concave section of the shoe web and the pronounced edges on the outside of the shoe.
    Xtra Nail Holes : Extra nail holes have been added vs the usual nail hole pattern in order to give more nailing options to the farrier and to allow the use of the shoe as an open toe.
    Xtra Wear Resistance : The wear resistance is increased through repositioning of the steel insert which is placed further to the outside in the toe area. The aluminium version receives a special treatment to make it more wear resistant but maintaining its foreability. Also the increase of web width and thickness of the aluminium shoes create additional wear resistance.

    Front Shoes have a symmetrical shape
    Hind Shoes have a left and right model

  2. St Croix Eventer

    St Croix Eventer

    Excellent quality broad web 'concave style' aluminium shoes.

    Block heels, ideal for drilling stud holes.

    Available in side clipped fronts and hinds only.