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Mustad Steel Shoes

  1. Mustad Libero Concave

    Mustad Libero Concave

    Fully concave forged horseshoe available in 20 x 10 and 22 x 10. This horseshoe comes with an additional nailhole and with upright heels. The Concave feature provides great traction for turf work.

  2. Mustad Libero Pony Shoes 18 x 7

    Mustad Libero Pony Shoes 18 x 7

    LiBero® Pony is a shoe range especially designed for ponies. It is a part of the LiBero® family and consolidates our whole pony shoe offer. This range is based on the results of an in-depth study on pony hoof conformation focussing on hoof differences across various European pony breeds. The LiBero® Pony was developed with the support of an international team of experts and thorough extensive market testing.

    All shoes are available toe clipped, side clipped or unclipped.

    Sold in boxes of 10 pairs.

  3. Mustad Equilibrium

    Mustad Equilibrium

    The Equilibrium shoe is designed to ease break-over and leverage, the forged toe is thinned betweeen toe and heel to produce a '4' point style. Available in side clipped, toe clipped or unclipped fronts only.

  4. Mustad Continentals

    Mustad Continentals

    The continental shoe is a good quality, well priced, broad web 'concave style' steel shoe.

    Front shoes available toe clipped and side clipped, hind shoes available side clipped.

  5. Mustad Libero Equilibrium

    Mustad Libero Equilibrium

    LiBero Equi-Librium is a 3/4 fullered horseshoe coming in 22 x 8 (size 3x0 - 4) and 25 x 8 (size 3 - 5). Available with side clips. Due to the great shape, it allows for an effortless fitting process and gives rollover from the quarters to the toe segment.

    • rolled toe and quarters create an omnidirectional shoe, enhancing a smooth transition for when the horse needs it
    • wide heels for more support
    • sole relief to minimize sole pressure
    • only available with side clips

  6. Mustad Equilibrium Air

    Mustad Equilibrium Air

    Mustad Equi-Librium Air is one of our evolutions of our Equi-Librium concept: ulitmate performance improvement, reduced limb loading and injuries prevention.

    The design of the Equi-Librium® horseshoe is the result of an extensive scientific research project, welfare and athletic performance of the horse took priority in this design, where breakover and support are the key design features of this shoe.

    The positive effects of this shoe have not only been scientifically proven, but have also been demonstrated in practice. Overall, Equi-Librium® is a sport shoe for performance horses as well as any horses that have to make (fast) turns in their work.

    • a great shape for both front and hinds
    • a concave profile on the inner border of the shoe allows for great traction on turf
    • 10-15% lighter than original model
    • clips are a bit to small when using pads