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  1. Ted S Shastak
    Adam's Lameness in Horses

    This is the fifth edition of Adam's Lameness in Horses, the much needed revision of the fourth edition. Changes include additions of new authors and new materials, this book is designed to appeal to a wide audience in equine related fields.

  2. Simon Bodner
    Farrier Tools Maintenance & Tips

    Farrier Tools Maintenance & Tips Clearly written text with clear diagrams and pictures makes the tasks of maintaining and sharpening tools easy to follow.

  3. Chris Colles & Ron Ware
    The Principles of Farriery Book

    Respected equine vet Dr Chris Colles and farrier Ron Ware FWCF have joined forces to produce this much needed manual on the art and science of shoeing horses. Unrivalled in its scope, this book is a valuable work of reference for working farriers everywhere, and essential reading for trainee farriers and vets. It will also appeal to horse professionals and interested horse owners.

  4. The Book of Shoes

    A must for all competition farriers.

  5. John Hickman and Martin Humphrey
    Hickmans Farriery 2nd Edition

    Hickman's Farriery, first published in 1977, has been completely revised and updated to bring it into line with the latest development in this field. This new edition demonstrates how traditional skills can be combined with modern science to benefit the welfare, soundness and performance of the horse.

  6. Simon Curtis
    Foal to Race Horse

    This book is for farriers, veterinary surgeons, trainers and breeders. It describes farriery involvement, from the newborn foal to the horse in training and back to the stud farm. There are over 200 colour prints and 50 diagrams that take the reader through a clear, methodical assessment of conformation and hoof shape. Each type of deformity is described with treatment options given, also considering up to date techniques for managing conditions of the foot and limb.

  7. Jean-Marie Denoix
    The Equine Distal Limb

    An Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Comparative Imaging

  8. Simon Curtis
    Corrective Farriery Vol 2

    This book completes a 2-part work covering all aspects of remedial shoeing and the associated background knowledge. Contributions to this book were made by 14 authors from around the world, printed in colour with photographs and diagrams this is a very useful book for both farriers and veterinary surgeons.

  9. Simon Curtis
    Corrective Farriery Vol 1

    This is a multi-author book, written for farriers, veterinary surgeons and interested horse owners. The authors are eminent farriers, veterinary surgeons and related professionals from around the world. The book describes the combining of traditional farriery skills with veterinary knowledge and advanced techniques of repair and shoeing.

  10. Chris Gregory
    Textbook of Farriery

    Chris Gregory's Textbook of Farriery