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Jameg Products

  1. Jameg
    Adhesive (420ml)

    Adhesive for use as a hoof repair or for bonding on aluminium, steel or plastic shoes. 420ml cartridge. N.B.SUBSTANTIAL MANUFACTURER PRICE INCREASE! As we have now run out of stock at the previous price, we now have to pass on the price increase.

  2. Jameg
    Black Dye

    Black die for Jameg adhesive.

  3. Jameg
    Dispensing Gun

    Dispensing gun for use with Jameg adhesive.

  4. Jameg
    (P3) Mixing Tip

    Mixing tip for use with Jameg adhesive or P3 Silicone.

  5. Jameg

    Plastic wrap for use after application of Jameg adhesive to help speed up curing time.

  6. Jameg
    Wrap Dispenser

    Wrap dispenser for use with Jameg Wrap.