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  1. Mustad E Regular Nail

    Mustad E Regular Nail

    Mustad E Nail is the European standard nail for sport, pleasure and competition horses.

  2. Mustad E Slim Nail

    Mustad E Slim Nail

    Mustad E Slim Nail is longer and thinner in the shank than the Mustad E Nail but has the same head size.

  3. Mustad FJ Slim Nail

    Mustad FJ Slim Nail

    Mustad FJ Nail is a standard nail with a short neck, very suitable for race horses and ponies.

  4. Mustad MX Nail

    Mustad MX Nail

    Mustad MX Nail has a tapered head going over to a long slim shank developed specially for extra thin walled hooves.

  5. Mustad ASV Nail

    Mustad ASV Nail

    Mustad ASV is a flat headed nail designed for shoeing race horses. Length 41mm.

  6. Mustad Concave Nail

    Mustad Concave Nail

    This nail fits very well in Concave shoes. The concept of PITCH ® offers a small angle between nail head and the shank of the nail which supports nailing on with a correct angle which reduces possible pressure on the hoof wall which could occur when bad combinations of nail to shoe are applied. The longer slim and strong shank gives the option to nail higher when this is preferred or necessary.

  7. Mustad Extra Long

    Mustad Extra Long

    The rationale behind nailing extra high is to minimize hoof wall damage in case the horse steps out of its shoe. The EXL performance nail is a nail with extra length, a slim design but with extra material in the neck to secure an optimum fit. The blade is even slimmer than the blade of the E-slim nails but as it is also wider, the nail maintains its strength. This nails suits very well to the Equi-Librium shoe but also in all other V-fullered shoes.

  8. Mustad Swift

    Mustad Swift

    Swift® features: An extra slim shank, especially appropriate for thin hoof walls. This generate less damage to the hoof wall, in a segment where hooves are exposed to a higher shoeing frequency Sufficient shank length, offering the option to nail both higher and lower A short neck, ideal for thin shoes

  9. Mustad Rifle

    Mustad Rifle

    A great nail for a bargain price! The Rifle E-slim nail is a great value, European head, slim shank horseshoes nail designed to fit in v-fullered and concave shoes

  10. Mustad Libero Arc

    Mustad Libero Arc

    The new LiBero-ARC™ nail has a uniquely rounded crown on top of the head giving an effortless drive and refines the overall finishing quality of the shoeing performance. The concept of PITCH™ offers a small angle between nail head and shank of the nail helping drive the nail at a correct angle i.e. parallel to the hoof wall and thereby contributes to reducing possible pressure on the hoof wall. The rectangular head shape with V shaped neck prevents the nail from twisting and offers the necessary material for a perfectly tight fit. The shank is smooth, tapered; slim, strong and at the same time flexible for perfect clenching to keep the hoof wall intact. This nail looks and feels good to the farrier, owner and horse!