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Imprint Accessories

  1. Imprint
    Dispensing Gun

    Dispensing gun for use with Imprint Adhesive cartridges.

  2. Imprint
    Mixer Nozzle (pack 10)

    Mixing tips for use with Imprint Adhesive.

  3. Imprint
    Plastic Granules (500ml)

    Plastic granules to fill void space when fitting Imprint shoes, can also be used to fill hoof wall cracks. These granules need to be warmed to be used.

  4. Imprint
    Structural Adhesive (50ml)

    Structural adhesive to be used with Imprint shoes. 50ml cartridge.

  5. Imprint
    Shoe Freezer (200ml)

    Shoe Freezer to help increase the speed of the curing process of Imprint shoes and adhesive.

  6. Imprint
    Surgical Spirit (240ml)

    A surgical spirit for de-greasing feet before the application of Imprint products.

  7. Imprint
    Plastic Granules Graphite (500ml)

    Imprint Plastic Granules 500ml - Graphite