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Screw-In Studs & Accessories

  1. Mustad Screw-In Studs

    Mustad Screw-In Studs

    The Mustad Jump 1 Stud is made out of steel with a hardened body (12x12 mm) and weldedcarbide insert. The total length is 27 mm and the thread 3/8". Designed for jumping on avariety of surfaces. 4 studs per card, 10 cards per box.

  2. Mustad Foam Plugs

    Mustad Foam Plugs

    Mustad Foam Plugs are stud hole fillers perfect for keeping the threads clean when thestud hole is not in use. 50 plugs per card, 10 cards per box.

  3. Stromsholm Studs

    Stromsholm Studs

    Stromsholm Stud Type Polo XL is particularly suited to the larger horse when the ground issoft. 3/8". 4 studs per card, 10 cards per box.

  4. Rescue Studs

    Rescue Studs

    The Rescue Stud is the ultimate solution to loose stud holes. With an innovative design they allow the stud to fit tightly in to loose stud holes. Studs can be tightened with a coin or flat head screwdriver.

  5. Taps & Accessories

    Taps & Accessories

    Suitable for cleaning stud holes.