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Miscellaneous Accessories for Power and Large Tools

  1. Abrasive roll A/OXIDE -120 grit (SBR38 A120)

    Abrasive roll A/OXIDE -120 grit (SBR38 A120)

  2. Londonderry
    Red Soap Sateen

    The most abrasive compound, to be used for coating the polishing wheel before starting knife sharpening.

  3. Londonderry
    Green Soap

    Finishing soap for use with the cloth polishing wheel.

  4. Londonderry
    Black Soap - large bar

    Black Soap - large bar

  5. Londonderry
    Rubber Polishing Wheel

    Rubber polishing wheel

  6. Londonderry
    Knife Sharpening Wheel

    Scotchbrite knife sharpening wheel.

  7. Londonderry
    Knife Sharpening Flap Disc

    Knife Sharpening Flap Disc

  8. Sealey
    Sealy Spare Belts - 4"/102mm wide No. P60

    Replacement belts for the Sealey Bench Grinder.

  9. Multiform Linnisher Spare Belts - 4"/102mm wide No. 36

    Replacement belts for the Multiform linnisher.

  10. Slugger
    Cut Off Saw - Replacement Steel Blade

    Replacement blade for the Slugger cut off saw.