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Tooling Blocks

  1. Jim Blurton
    Blank Block

    This is manufactured from mild steel and can be customised to any form required.

  2. Jim Blurton
    Hunter Swage Block

    This is manufactured from mild steel and is used in the tool and fullering of hunter shoes, the groove is cut to enable the user to form the V section of the hunter shoe. The Blurton Block is made from an original of Richard Ellis' hunter section.

  3. Jon Atkinson
    Tool Block

    Jon Atkinson New DesignTool Block. This block is 100% guaranteed to work perfectly with the rest of the JA tool & fuller range, the guide fuller, splitter and hunter fuller have all been designed and developed together to make a precise & precision section and fullering.

  4. Jon Atkinson
    Tool Block Hunter & Guide Fuller Bundle

    Jon Atkinson Tool Block Bundle. Tool Block, Guide Fuller and Hunter Fuller at a very special price. (All tools are available separately too)



  5. Jon Atkinson
    Wedge Tool Block

    Jon Atkinson Wedge Tool Block