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  1. Jon Atkinson Fullers

    Jon Atkinson Fullers

    Stylish tools - designed with great visibility in use and each one set up and tested by Jon before they leave the forge. Made from top quality H13, mounted on 17" kiln dried hickory handles.

  2. Steven Beane Fullers

    Steven Beane Fullers

    After 18 years of making and using these uniquely designed fullers, Steven has released them to the market. He has been very successful with these fullers, winning no less that 5 World Champion titles. The fuller is handmade by Steven from S7 grade tool steel. Its perfectly balanced shape and strength around the eye allows perfect transmission of power from the striking head to the blade. This helps to make it possibly the fastest fuller to sink in to steel on the market. The fullers come loose with a bespoke shaft, so that they can be fitted for a left or right handed user.

  3. Andrea Ridolfo Fullers

    Andrea Ridolfo Fullers

  4. Ryan Mcdonald Fullers

    Ryan Mcdonald Fullers

  5. J&A Ferrie Fullers

    J&A Ferrie Fullers

  6. Austin Eden Fullers

    Austin Eden Fullers

  7. Viking Fullers

    Viking Fullers

  8. Tosaky Fullers

    Tosaky Fullers

    The Tosaky Fuller is made of S-7 tool steel. It has a centre line to help the user keep the cutting edge in the centre when redressing the tool. Comes on a hickory handle that has been burned and oiled with linseed.

  9. Flatland Forge Fullers

    Flatland Forge Fullers

    These fullers made from S7 tool steel are a slim stream line design, the cutting edge of the tool is hardened for maximum wear while the striking edge is left softer to absorb concussion from the hammer blows. Attached to the wooden handle using rubber.

  10. Mustad Fullers

    Mustad Fullers

    A practical, wide blade fuller with a slight curve, made from good quality steel. Arrives well set up for the intended use.

  11. Jim Blurton Fullers

    Jim Blurton Fullers

    Designed for maximum power from the hammer blow and good visibility of the blade. Made from S1 tool steel. The handle is 16"/406mm long and made from high quality hickory, grooved for grip. When purchased the head is not securely fastened to the handle, to allow the user to fit it for a left or right handed tool.

  12. Derek Gardner Fullers

    Derek Gardner Fullers

    Redesigned with a wider cutting edge, harder and more durable - these fullers now work better than ever. They come un-shafted so you decide on left or right. Manufactured to extremely high standards, they each come with the Derek Gardner stamp of approval.