Ryan Macdonald Hoof Mapper

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Brand Ryan Macdonald

Mcdonald Hoof Mapper

Designed by Ryan Mcdonald

This product was created to help break down a big open area of hoof into 4 proportions. This will help determine the trimming process for the horse allowing you to see the measurements to the border of the hoof and relating the shape of each quarter to each other giving you a clear understanding of what you see.

This product has sliders on each branch which allows you to set them up to where you want the shoe to be situated on the hoof and then can be used on the anvil for the process of shaping or hand forging a shoe to ensure a mirror fit to the hoof and train you to see and feel committed to what is needed.

This product will train you to understand what you are trying to achieve under confusion or pressure and once you have an understanding you can create a process which is the key to consistency and perfection.

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