Ibex Wedged Frog Support Pad Small

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Brand Ibex

Wedged Flat Frog Support Pad (small) 4 3/4"

Highly shock absorbent and WILL NOT compress during the shoeing period.

So for those of you with the opinion that pads contribute to premature shoe loss.


If you have ever experienced premature shoe loss because of pads that compress, it’s because your pads were made from reground low grade material.

Reground polyethylene - £500/tonne.

High quality polyurethane - £5500/tonne.

These are not the cheapest option, but remember you get what you pay for.


3 degree integrally moulded frog support allows you to correct the HPA of horses that cannot grow enough heel to allow you to dress the foot normally.

Frog support unloads the heels to promote better heel growth.

The non abrasive nature of the material prevents the heels from being rubbed away by constant flexion upon a shoe.


Ideal for collapsed under run heels, and for unloading DDFT in horses suffering from Navicular Syndrome.

Small; 4 3/4"

Medium ; 5 3/4"

Large ; 6 3/4"

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