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Clipping Hammers

  1. Jon Atkinson Clipping Hammers

    Jon Atkinson Clipping Hammers

    Jon's clipping hammer range is beautifully designed and they work amazingly well. Clipping made easy!!

  2. Steven Beane Clipping Hammer

    Steven Beane Clipping Hammer

    Beanie's Cross Pein is beautifully proportioned and features a Tapered Blade.

  3. Andreas Ridolfo Clipping Hammers

    Andreas Ridolfo Clipping Hammers

  4. Austin Eden Clipping Hammers

    Austin Eden Clipping Hammers

  5. ICAR Clipping Hammers

    ICAR Clipping Hammers

    The ICAR Clipping Hammers are drop forged, hand finished and buffed to a high gloss. These hammers are perfectly balanced and come with a straight grain Ash wood handle.

  6. Flatland Forge Clipping Hammers

    Flatland Forge Clipping Hammers

    These perfectly balanced hammers are made from 4140 alloy steel hardened on the striking surface of the hammer, the body of the hammer is slightly softer, which absorbs some of the vibration.

  7. Viking Clipping Hammer

    Viking Clipping Hammer

    A great design, creates the stable balanced hammer action needed for the highly accurate task of clipping.

  8. Jon Nunn Clipping Hammers

    Jon Nunn Clipping Hammers

  9. Jim Blurton Clipping Hammers

    Jim Blurton Clipping Hammers

    Extremely well balanced hammers designed for drawing clips. It has an 18" handle made from high quality hickory and grooved for grip.

  10. Gunner Clipping Hammers

    Gunner Clipping Hammers

    The ultimate clipping hammer, unique design gives perfect balance when clipping, also excellent for drawing down or seating out shoes.

  11. Jim Keith Clipping Hammers

    Jim Keith Clipping Hammers

    A well balanced hammer for precise control when drawing clips, all Jim Keith hammers are hand made so unique, shafted on hickory handles of approximately 17" length.

  12. Todd Walker Clipping Hammers

    Todd Walker Clipping Hammers

  13. Derek Gardner Clipping Hammers

    Derek Gardner Clipping Hammers

    New Design with more weight to the flat face for improved power. Beautiful designs, perfect balance makes clipping easy!