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Jon Atkinson Stamps

  1. Jon Atkinson
    Cart Horse Stamp

    The Jon Atkinson carthorse stamp is the ideal heavy horse stamp for plain stamped shire shoes or 3/4 fullered Clydesdale shoes. Made from H13 shock resistant hot work tool steel, fitted with a comfortable 13" hickory shaft.

  2. Jon Atkinson
    City Head Stamp WELDED handle

    Jon Atkinson City Head Stamp WELDED handle

  3. Jon Atkinson
    Plain Stamp Welded Handle

    Plain Stamp Welded Handle

  4. Jon Atkinson
    Elite Plain Stamp

    Elite Plain Stamp

  5. Jon Atkinson
    Concave / Fullered Stamp Welded Handle

    Concave Stamp Welded Handle

  6. Jon Atkinson
    Tool & Fullering stamp

    The Jon Atkinson tool and fullering stamp has a wood handle, is of an optimum weight, each one is set up by one of the best tool and fullered shoe makers the world has ever seen! Can also be used on light concave material where a slim nail is preferred.

  7. Jon Atkinson
    Plain Stamp

    The Jon Atkinson Plain stamp has a wood handle, is optimum weight and is perfectly sized for cob and light driving shoes. This is a hard stamp which is set up for making crisp nail holes.

  8. Jon Atkinson
    Large Plain Stamp

    A large plain stamp with more weight than the plain stamp, sized for heavy cob and large driving shoes.  Made from H13 shock resistant hot work tool steel, fitted with a 13" comfortable hickory shaft.  

  9. Jon Atkinson
    Elite Concave / Fullered Stamp

    Beautifully balanced and so very easy to use. The ‘Elite’ concave stamp has it all and is a real show stopper! Individually set up by Jon and ready to use on concave and hand fullered shoes - making clean crisp nail holes has just become a whole lot easier! Made from the highest quality H13 tool steel and professionally mounted on a kiln dried hickory shaft.

  10. Jon Atkinson
    City Head Stamp

    This stamp is designed to fit a city head nail without marking mark the sides of the steel in use. Made from hot work shock resistant H13 tool steel for strength and durability. The shaft is 13" long and is made from top quality hickory.