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Cutting Tools

  1. Jim Blurton
    Curved Heel Cropper

    Made from S1/S7 tool steel this curved heel cropper, this tool will crop heels to an ideal shape to fit most styles of shoeing.

  2. Jim Blurton
    Straight Chisel

    Made from S1/S7 tool steel this straight chisel which can be used for all types of hot or cold cuts.

  3. Jim Blurton
    Hot/Cold Set

    This cutting tool has a large head which is ideal for use with a striker. The blade is positioned under the centre of the tool to maximise the power of the hammer blow. The height of the set gives good visibility to the blade which is made from S1 tool steel. The handle is 16" long and made from high quality hickory, grooved for extra grip.

  4. Jon Atkinson
    Hot Set/Hot Cutter

    Redesigned in April 2016. Now has a wider cutting blade 30mm. Cuts steel like a dream!

  5. Jon Atkinson

    This super sharp splitter opens up your fullering without distorting the tool and fuller section - so say the man himself... Jon Atkinson.

  6. Jon Atkinson
    Aluminium Cutting Plate

    Jon Atkinson Aluminium Cutting Plate

  7. Andrea Ridolfo
    Hot Cutter

    Ridolfo Hot Cut