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Forging Tools & Accessories

  1. Cutting Tools

    Cutting Tools

    This super sharp splitter opens up your fullering without distorting the tool and fuller section, says the man himself, Jon Atkinson.

  2. Flatters


    This flatter is designed to flatten and level all types of shoes from concave to flat bar.

  3. Tooling Blocks

    Tooling Blocks

    This is manufactured from mild steel and is used in the tool and fullering of hunter shoes, the groove is cut to enable the user to form the V section of the hunter shoe.

  4. Welding Fluxes

    Welding Fluxes

  5. Handle Wraps

    Handle Wraps

  6. Hardies


    This product is designed for heel cropping in conjunction with copper hammers.

  7. Wire Brushes

    Wire Brushes

  8. Measuring


    The W Brand Horseshoers Ruler has a zero centre quick for calculating the centre of steel,pre or during shoemaking. Every good shoemaker should not be without this ingenius rule.

  9. Tool & Belt Compounds

    Tool & Belt Compounds