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Nailing On Hammers

  1. Jon Atkinson Nailing Hammers

    Jon Atkinson Nailing Hammers

    Designed with ease of use and perfect weight distribution in mind, this hammer has been carefully developed over a long period of time. The claw rings off with ease, with minimal chance of the nail getting jammed and the square design on the striking face makes hammer clenching much easier. Every hammer is hand finished and professionally mounted on a 15” kiln dried hickory shaft by Jon in the forge. Available in 10oz & 12oz weights.

  2. Jon Nunn Nailing Hammers

    Jon Nunn Nailing Hammers

  3. Jim Keith Nailing Hammers

    Jim Keith Nailing Hammers

  4. ICAR Nailing Hammer

    ICAR Nailing Hammer

  5. Flatland Forge Nailing Hammers

    Flatland Forge Nailing Hammers

    These beautiful hammers, designed by Jim Poor feature a square nose and a good cutting edge on jaws for ringing off of nails.

  6. Double S Nailing Hammers

    Double S Nailing Hammers

    Made in Italy, features a unique anti-shock head to reduce vibration. Solidly mounted onto a comfortable quality wooden handle, which has a small hercules magnet in the bottom.

  7. Mustad Nailing Hammers

    Mustad Nailing Hammers

    This hammer is well balanced and features a correctly angled nailing surface to provide the best possible working position for driving, cutting and clenching nails.

  8. Jim Blurton Nailing Hammers

    Jim Blurton Nailing Hammers

    These stylish hammers are very well balanced and a pleasure to use. The jaws are designed with an inner cutting edge which will ring of nails with ease.

  9. Cavalary Nailing Hammers

    Cavalary Nailing Hammers

    Well balanced, excellent value for money nailing hammers, with a good cutting edge for ringing off.

  10. Diamond Nailing Hammers

    Diamond Nailing Hammers

    A good value for money nailing hammer, nice hammer with a square head.

  11. Horsehead Nailing Hammers

    Horsehead Nailing Hammers

    These hammers are one of the most popular nailing hammer ranges worldwide, great balance and always consistent ringing off.

  12. Viking Nailing Hammers

    Viking Nailing Hammers