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Vet Searchers

  1. ICAR Vet Searcher

    ICAR Vet Searcher

    Aluminium and stainless steel abscess loop, stylish and practical-the whole knife can be sterilised in the autoclave.

  2. Steven Beane Abcess Loop

    Steven Beane Abcess Loop

    Hand finished, beautifully crafted knife from a 5 times World Champion

  3. Kingery Vet Searchers

    Kingery Vet Searchers

    Designed for comfort and durability, blades made from solid steel blocks, no bends or welds.

  4. Jim Blurton Vet Searchers

    Jim Blurton Vet Searchers

    Narrow loop, minimising the amount of material removed.

  5. Double S Vet Searchers

    Double S Vet Searchers

    Attractive designs, long comfortable handles.

  6. Hall Vet Searchers

    Hall Vet Searchers

    Extremely good value for money.