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Loop Knives

  1. Steven Beane Loop Knives

    Steven Beane Loop Knives

    Each knife is hand finished and sharpened by Steven, these super sharp large loops come fitted with either the unique Beanie Flick Groover or brass topper.

  2. Jon Atkinson Loop Knives

    Jon Atkinson Loop Knives

  3. Kingery Loop Knives

    Kingery Loop Knives

    Made from a solid block of tool steel, the blades are not bent or welded. The design prevents the blade from taking too much material out of the foot. The angle of the blade and handle design offers maximum comfort and leverage

  4. ICAR Loop Knives

    ICAR Loop Knives

    Super sharp, beautifully polished blade mounted on a tough rosewood handle.

  5. Jon Nunn Loop Knives

    Jon Nunn Loop Knives

  6. Jim Blurton Loop Knives

    Jim Blurton Loop Knives

    Blade made from A2 steel, long handle design.

  7. Double S Loop Knives

    Double S Loop Knives

    Made in Italy from high grade steel. Long comfortable handle.

  8. Hall Loop Knives

    Hall Loop Knives

    Durable, high carbon steel blade, superior sharpness, regular length handle.

  9. Swan Loop Knives

    Swan Loop Knives

    Very large loop, with a pick.