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  1. Londonderry
    Knife Sharpening Kit

    The Londonderry Forge complete knife sharpening kit.

  2. Mustad
    Knife Sharpener

    The Mustad Knife Sharpener is designed for use with all farrier knives. The diamond coating on the blade helps to maintain its durability, with an ergonomically designed handle to make it easier for the farrier to use.

  3. Pinehurst Knife Sharpener

    The Pinehurst Knife Sharpener is a sword and conical combined. It is the best diamond-coated sharpener on the market, for every day use to hone any loop knife or straight blade. The diamond coating is guaranteed for a year. As with all other diamond knife sharpeners this is not an aggressive tool. It should only be used on a daily basis to finely hone a knife edge.

  4. Save Edge
    Knife Sharpener

    The Save-Edge Knife Sharpener is a diamond-coated sword.

  5. Swiss
    Sharpener Professional

    High quality knife sharpener with diamond cutting blade, will sharpen any knife.

  6. Londonderry
    Knife Sharpening Machine

    Londonderry Knife Sharpening Machine ONLY