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Drop Blades

  1. Jon Atkinson Drop Blades

    Jon Atkinson Drop Blades

    Yorkshire made, designed for ease of use and durability, a strong blade without being brittle. Blade runs 3/4 way through the handle, secured with three evenly spaced rivets.

  2. ICAR Drop Blades

    ICAR Drop Blades

    Super sharp, beautifully polished blade. Ergonomically shaped handle that fits the hand like a glove.

  3. Hall Drop Blades

    Hall Drop Blades

    The Hall Knife uses high carbon steel which is tempered through an exacting process, affording maximum durability. The superior sharpness of the blade provides effective trimming of the frog and sole, while keeping safety and comfort of the farrier in mind. A polished knife, with a long walnut handle. Available left or right handed.

  4. Jim Blurton Drop Blades

    Jim Blurton Drop Blades

    This blade is made from A2 tool steel, curved drop blade with a long handle. Available left or right handed.

  5. Jon Nunn Drop Blades

    Jon Nunn Drop Blades