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Crease Nail Pullers

  1. GE
    Crease Nail Pullers

    GE Crease Nail Pullers are drop forged from chrome molydenum steel. The jaws are designed to lock over the nail head and along its taper to remove a single nail from concave or fullered shoes.

  2. Jim Blurton
    Crease Nail Pullers

    Made from high quality tool steel, these nail pullers have jaws designed to fit between nails easily and are narrow enough to remove an E or CH nail.

  3. MFC
    Crease Nail Puller

    A top quality crease nail puller, super design makes this tool accurate and comfortable to work with

  4. Mustad
    Crease Nail Pullers (Black)

    The Mustad Crease Nail Puller gets into the tight spots that other farrier tools can'treach. The slender jaws slip into the crease of the shoes to allow for easy removal ofindividual nails, this and the well balanced feel of the tool make them an essential tool for all farriers

  5. ICAR
    Crease Nail Pullers

    Made from top quality Italian steel, will reach into tight places with ease.