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St Croix Steel Shoes

  1. St Croix Eventer Plus

    St Croix Eventer Plus

    An excellent quality, drop forged 'concave style, steel shoe. Fronts shoes available toe clipped or side clipped, hind shoes available side clipped.

    Section size increases with size of shoe.

  2. St Croix Concorde Steel Training Plates

    St Croix Concorde Steel Training Plates

    The St. Croix Concorde horseshoe is a light steel shoe designed for competitive/speed horses where good grip and traction are important factors, for example race horses.

    • The unique beveled outer edge of this shoe perfectly assists the rolling motion of the hoof
    • Concave section aids in traction and surface exfoilation
    • More upright and clean heel section provides support & stability
    • Good strong fitable clip providing strength in location of shoe. Stops the shoe from moving

  3. St Croix Advantage Steel

    St Croix Advantage Steel

    The St. Croix Forge Advantage is designed to allow fluid movement with total control.

    • Easy break-over, thanks to full rolling toe
    • Enhanced traction provided by v-shaped crease and conave surface
    • Optimal heel support through a wide heel design
    • Built in sole relief