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Malaysian Shoes

  1. Malaysian GP

    Malaysian GP

    This drop forged, broad web shoe is a good general purpose shoe.

    Wide size range, with section increasing with each size of shoe.

    Available fronts toe clipped, hinds side clipped.

    Sold in boxes of 10 pairs.

  2. Malaysian Extras

    Malaysian Extras

    Same design as the 'Q' shoes but in a heavier section, this shoe is a fully fulleredconcave section, with finished heels and boxed edges. Sold in boxes of 10 pairs, frontavailable toe clipped and side clipped , hinds available side clipped.

  3. Malaysian Pony Shoes

    Malaysian Pony Shoes

    Easy to shape pony shoes, with boxed edges and finished heels, toe clipped 7/8" fullered front, side clipped 3/4" fullered hind, section approximately 5/8" x 7/16"