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Turning Hammers

  1. Jon Atkinson Turning Hammers

    Jon Atkinson Turning Hammers

    The range is now classed as one of the best balanced hammers available on the market. Machined from the best quality steel and each one hand finished by Jon in the forge, you'll get you a hammer you just won't want to put down. The Jon Atkinson turning hammer range was used by 3 out of the top 10 in the World Championships in Calgary 2014 plus being used by the Forging Champion.

  2. Steven Beane Turning Hammers

    Steven Beane Turning Hammers

  3. Andreas Ridolfo Turning Hammers

    Andreas Ridolfo Turning Hammers

  4. Handmade Shoes Turning Hammers

    Handmade Shoes Turning Hammers

    The design of this hammer was taken from the 'late great' Tom Williams. This hammer is perfectly balanced, stylish and practical.

  5. ICAR Turning Hammers

    ICAR Turning Hammers

    The ICAR Turning Hammers are drop forged, hand finished and buffed to a high gloss. These hammers are perfectly balanced and come with a straight grain Ash wood handle.

  6. Viking Turning Hammers

    Viking Turning Hammers

  7. Flatland Forge Turning Hammers

    Flatland Forge Turning Hammers

    Great care goes into the custom heat treating of these hammers, they are tempered back to be slightly softer through the bodies and then hardened on the striking ends, this results in less vibration and shock with each blow of the hammer. The handles on these hammers have also been designed slightly longer so the user can cut them off to the desired length

  8. Jon Nunn Turning Hammers

    Jon Nunn Turning Hammers

  9. Mustad Turning Hammers

    Mustad Turning Hammers

    Mustad Turning Hammers are well balanced, where weight and durability are most important. One flat surface and one rounded surface make it useful for shoe shaping as well as shoemaking. The extra strong hickory handle is large enough to be adapted for an individual grip, while the high quality steel has been specially chosen and carefully tempered to obtain the correct hardness.

  10. Jim Blurton Turning Hammers

    Jim Blurton Turning Hammers

    Extremely well balanced hammers in weights suitable for light or heavy forging and fitting of shoes. They have an 18"/457mm handle made from high quality hickory grooved for grip.

  11. Diamond Turning Hammers

    Diamond Turning Hammers

  12. Todd Walker Turning Hammers

    Todd Walker Turning Hammers

  13. Jim Keith Turning Hammers

    Jim Keith Turning Hammers

    These hammers are the ultimate metal displacement tool, they are handmade and each is unique, the handle is made from hickory and approximately 17"/432mm long.

  14. Derek Gardner Turning Hammers

    Derek Gardner Turning Hammers

    Beautifully made, well balanced, powerful, accurate and stylish. New design with more weight to the flat face for improved power.