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Tongs 1/4 (6mm)

  1. Jim Keith
    Tongs (1/4", 6mm)

    Known the world over these tongs are the sturdiest you will find, the reins are free moving and they provide superior gripping power, built to last a lifetime! Set up to hold 1/4"/6mm bar stock.

  2. ICAR
    Firex Fire Tongs 1/4"

    Smiths Fire Tongs 1/4"

  3. Handmade Shoes
    Shoemaking Tongs (1/4", 6mm)

    Stylish, lightweight, practical and very comfortable to use, these shoemaking tongs are set up for 1/4"/6mm bar stock.

  4. Diamond
    Tongs (1/4" - 6mm)

    A good quality, value for money product.

  5. J & A Ferrie
    Shoemaking Tongs (1/4", 6mm)

    Good quality robust tongs for shoemaking and general forging, with rounded handles for comfort. Set up to hold 1/4"/6mm bar stock.

  6. Mustad
    Tongs (1/4", 6mm)

    Mustad Tongs 1/4"/6mm

  7. Jim Blurton
    Snakeshead 1/4"Tongs

    Jim Blurton Snakeshead 1/4"Tongs

  8. Centaur
    Tongs 1/4"

    Tongs 1/4"