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Bob Punches

  1. Jon Atkinson
    Wooden Handle Bob Punch

    JA new style bob punch is angled to force out the maximum amount of steel on the foot bearing surface of the steel, makes an easy job of pulling a super strong clip every time. Made from top quality shock resistant H13 tool steel and comes already shafted on a kiln dried bespoke hickory shaft.

  2. Jon Atkinson
    Hand Held Bob Punch

    Hand held bob punch, used to draw out clips on flat and concave steel. This is a great design, perfectly balanced and easy to use . Made from shock resistant H13 tool steel.

  3. Andrea Ridolfo
    Bob Punch Welded Handle

    Ridolfo Bob Punch Welded handle

  4. Steven Beane
    Welded Handle Bob Punch

    Steven Beane Bob Punch welded handle (green/blue)

  5. Jim Blurton
    Clipping Bob Punch with a wooden handle

    Made from S1 tool steel, this tool is designed for bob punching before clipping, the handle is made from high quality hickory making it less likely to burn your hands.

  6. Jim Blurton
    Hand Held Bob Punch

    New Design! Made from S1 tool steel. This hand held tool is designed to draw a clip, its minimum length is 300mm.

  7. Jim Blurton
    Carthorse Bob Punch

    Larger bob punch for carthorse shoemaking or for when a larger clip is required.

  8. Derek Gardner
    Hand Held Bob Punch

    This hand held tool is designed to bob punch when drawing a clip, a quality tool made from one of the finest toolmakers.

  9. Derek Gardner
    Draft Bob Punch

    Stylish larger bob punch for draft horse shoe making or for when a larger clip isrequired.

  10. Derek Gardner
    Wooden Handle Concave Bob Punch

    Stylish bob punch for use when clipping concave or flat bar, wood handle protects against burning your hands.