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  1. Jon Atkinson

    New Design fits E Head nails.

  2. Jon Atkinson
    Heavyweight Pritchel

    Jon Atkinson Heavy Weight Pritchel

  3. Jon Atkinson
    Heavyweight Draft Pritchel

    Heavyweight DRAFT Pritchel

  4. J & A Ferrie
    Champion Deluxe Pritchel

    J & A Ferrie Champion Deluxe Pritchel

  5. J & A Ferrie
    Champion Pritchel

    J & A Ferrie Champion Pritchel

  6. Steven Beane

    Steven Beane Pritchel

  7. Andrea Ridolfo
    Back Pritchel

    Ridolfo Back Pritchel

  8. Mustad

    A low cost pritchel, made from good steel, just needs to be set up for individual requirements.

  9. Kingery

    Almost a foot of solid high quality tool steel! A pritchel heavy enough to clear out the nail hole easier. Large striking surface for safer use. Specially heat treated for a worry free performance. Each pritchel Is tested on a handmade shoe before you receive it.

  10. Flatland Forge
    Pritchel (S7)

    To properly 'snap' and shear the plug out from a nail hole a long heavy pritchel is most desirable, just as this pritchel designed by Jim Poor is. The pritchel has a regular taper, with clean sharp edges, it is hand forged not machined to provide optimum strength of the tool.