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  1. Jon Atkinson

    New Design fits E Head nails.

  2. Jon Atkinson
    Heavyweight Pritchel

    Jon Atkinson Heavy Weight Pritchel

  3. Jon Atkinson
    Heavyweight Draft Pritchel

    Heavyweight DRAFT Pritchel

  4. Steven Beane

    Steven Beane Pritchel

  5. Andrea Ridolfo
    Back Pritchel

    Ridolfo Back Pritchel

  6. Mustad

    A low cost pritchel, made from good steel, just needs to be set up for individual requirements.

  7. Kingery

    Almost a foot of solid high quality tool steel! A pritchel heavy enough to clear out the nail hole easier. Large striking surface for safer use. Specially heat treated for a worry free performance. Each pritchel Is tested on a handmade shoe before you receive it.

  8. Flatland Forge
    Pritchel (S7)

    To properly 'snap' and shear the plug out from a nail hole a long heavy pritchel is most desirable, just as this pritchel designed by Jim Poor is. The pritchel has a regular taper, with clean sharp edges, it is hand forged not machined to provide optimum strength of the tool.

  9. Todd Walker
    Pritchel 308cal

    Todd Walker Pritchel 20cal

  10. Jim Blurton

    Made from S1 tool steel, this hand held pritchel is designed to fit E Head nails and has aminimum length of 300mm.