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Pull Offs 14"

  1. GE
    EZY 14" Pull Offs (356mm)

    New Tapered Jaw design, drop forged from chrome vanadium steel, a very popular and long lasting tool.

  2. ICAR
    Smiths Pull Offs 14"

    Three tools in one!

    • Removes shoes with a large flat face.

    • Cuts and removes nails.

    • Spreads Shoes.

    Made from high quality Italian tool steel.

  3. Mustad
    14" Black Pull Offs (356mm)

    These well balanced pull offs are the ideal tool for removing all size of horse shoes. Made from high quality steel, with well finished edges and grip side for shoe spreading,this product is good value for money.

  4. Jim Blurton
    14" Pull Offs (356mm)

    Manufactured using high quality tool steel, hand finished and polished to the highest standard, this tool is used for the removal of shoes.