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Shoeing Boxes

  1. Stonewell Shoeing Box

    Stonewell Shoeing Box

    3 Shelf sturdy aluminium construction on durable rubber feet

  2. Yoder


    Very well made aluminium tool box with durable rubber feet. A beautifully designed topquality product.

  3. Jim Blurton

    Jim Blurton

    A good quality wooden tool box, with plastic inserts for tools.

  4. Nature Farms

    Nature Farms

    Tube tool holder for use with the Cobra tool box.

  5. Stromsholm


    Wooden working tool box.

  6. Swan Products

    Swan Products

    This aluminium tool box is fitted with durable rubber feet with each tool compartmenthaving foam inserts. A similar tool box to the standard tool in a more compact form. Width 10 1/2"/270mm, height 16 1/2"/420mm (inc handle), depth 12 1/2"/320mm

  7. Tool Jack

    Tool Jack

  8. Nail Tins

    Nail Tins

    A handy little nail tin.