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Swan Portaforge Accessories

  1. Swan
    Castable Base

    Replacement base for your forge, tougher than tiles and easy to use.

  2. Swan
    Flame Thermocouple

    Swan Flame Thermocouple

  3. Swan
    Tile Base set

    Tile Base set

  4. Swan
    Spark Plug Lead

    Replacement spark plug lead for Swan forges.

  5. Swan
    Spark Plug

    Replacement spark plug for Swan forges.

  6. Swan
    Standard Forge Liner Kit

    Replacement forge liner kit for the Swan Standard Forge.

  7. Swan
    Standard Door Liner

    Replacement door liner for the Swan Standard Forge.

  8. Swan
    Uk Regulator

    Replacement regulator for Swan Forges.

  9. Swan
    Piezo Ignition Button

    Replacement ignition button for Swan Forges.

  10. Swan
    Hose (with nuts and clips)

    Replacement hose for Swan forges, comes complete with nuts and clips.