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Sole support - Small


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The pads are easily applied by farrier, vet or horse owner - once taken out of the sealed package they take around 15 mins to cure, so giving plenty of time to apply them to the hoof. Simply work them in your hands for a few minutes before applying to the solar surface of the hoof (shod or barefoot ) then wrap with tape . Gently let the horse bear weight on the pad on a firm, debris free surface and leave for a few minutes whilst it cures. Remove once cured the hardened pad provides a very effective multi-purpose poultice pad that can be washed and re-used several times.

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These revolutionary pads are brand new to the UK market. They can provide pain relief to many hoof problems including bruised soles, corns, sore heels and can also be very effective in first aid as well as long term treatment for laminitis and founder . They are a very efficient form of poultice pad for foot abscesses and can be used in conjunction with medicated gel or any other form of poultice system. Other uses for this ingenious pad are horses in transit - pre & post surgery - they can also be useful as an emergency snow pad or for any emergency where solid protection is critical.

Brand : DJM

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