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  1. Equithane/Vettec
    Adhere (black)

    Adhere is designed to glue on steel, aluminium and most synthetic shoes, sets in 1 minute but allows time to glue on shoe, cures in 6 mins. This product sets up like natural hoof wall allowing easy nailing and finishing.

  2. Equithane/Vettec
    Spacer (50)

    Spacers are for use when bonding on shoes, they help to ensure that there is always enough material between the hoof and shoe.

  3. Equithane/Vettec
    Sole Guard (180 ml)

    Soleguard is the first product of its kind to offer fast and effective protection and support for the unshod foot. Soleguard sets firm to protect the unshod foot, but retains flexibility to move naturally with the foot, providing comfort and support.

  4. Equithane/Vettec
    Super Fast (180 ml)

    Superfast is a good product to use to help change a heel angle without the use of a wedge pad, or to create a light durable custom shoe. It is also very useful for use with foal cuff or to create a custom foal extension, the product sets quickly meaning little or no anaesthesia for foals.

  5. Equithane/Vettec
    Silpak (180 ml)

    Silpak is a silicone packing material which offers economical cushioned support. This product retains its shape and flexibility, it will totally fill all void areas, ensuring complete coverage of the sole. This product is for use under a pad and will set in 1 minute.

  6. Equithane/Vettec
    Blue Equi-Pad (50)

    Adhesive foam boards for use with Equithane products. These boards allow the horse to put his foot on the floor while the liquid pad cures.

  7. Equithane/Vettec
    Mixing Tips 180 ml (12)

    Mixing tips for use with all Equithane products, sold in bags of 12.

  8. Equithane/Vettec
    Heart Bar Mould

    A mould for making heart bars with Equithane products.

  9. Equithane/Vettec
    Gun (180 ml)

    An applicator gun for use with Equithane products.

  10. Equithane/Vettec
    Soft Equi-Pak (180 ml)

    Equipak Soft is a clear liquid material which remains soft but still offering support, which helps to absorb shock and concussion. This product works well with Equimesh, sets in 25 secondsand will not break down.