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Hoof Care

  1. Kevin Bacon's

    Kevin Bacon's

    The Very Best in Hoofcare

  2. Support Systems

    Support Systems

    Styrofoam is a first aid support system suitable for use at the onset of a laminiticattack. Offers support in the caudal two-thirds of the foot without causing local ischemiaand pressure necrosis which often plagues systems reliant on frog support alone. Styrofoamaddress natural weight bearing issues by providing uniform support for the frog, sole andbars. The complete kit includes instructions, special adhesive tape and four high densitystyrofoam pads. Instructional DVD also available.

  3. Hoof Treatments

    Hoof Treatments

    Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant is a medicated highly penetrating fluid which is used todisinfect nail hole and white line tissue.